Tannery Presents: Bedtime Stories for Arborea



-What in the name of the Holy Red-Moustached Goat of the Alhambra Desert is this??- asked the Master Tanner.

-Err… it seems that one of our disciples has matured enough to publish a short story collection on Amazon.com- said the young apprentice.

-Well, ain’t that a bag of Faroan Island nuts. Lemme have a look. Give it here!

-Whaaaat???- said the Master snatching the book from the apprentice, -You paid $1.50 for this???

-Err… sorry, Master… I just wanted to, I spent my… You can cut it off my salary and…

-All that musing and scribbling and the socks across the jaw for making silly punctuation mistakes and rewriting… and he sells it at $1.50?

-Well, if you understand Serbian you can find these stories for-

-Patch the old canoe, kid. We’re going down the Amazon. We’re gonna teach those lemmings how much Tannery ink is worth!


Bedtime Stories for Arborea is a collection of short stories of Horror, Sci-Fi and Fantasy among others, written for the Literary Tannery online writing workshop. The collection consists of sixteen lightweight and two or three longer stories featuring magical realism, alternative history, sword and sorcery, Slavic folklore…

Table of Contents:

A PRESENT FOR ARBOREA- An introductory story about a girl called Arborea, set in the world of magical realism.
HEIRESS – There is something wrong with the Aunt. I mean, seriously wrong.
SHANIN -Be careful what you wish for. A fairy tale set in the Cossack village.
ARK – A migrant crisis in the event of the Earth tidally locked to the Sun.
GUARD – Who is this main character guy, teeming with rage?
SECOND CHANCE – A love case of a couple light-years away from each other.
GEMINI, A STOOL AND COLD BEER – Can a New Year’s Eve party get any stranger than this?
LOST TIME – Nuclear fusion? Electricity? Screw that, I’m talking time-travel, baby!
RED TAPE LABYRINTH – …And one more signature here. No, that’s not the blood stain, that’s the stump… I mean the stamp.
SEA OF THE DEAD – Anyone for the night swim in the ocean? Don’t mind the Moken folks.
DOG WARRIOR- Yep, he was here a few days ago. He didn’t want our money or our daughter, he just took a dead calf and walked away.
RETURN OF THE KING – All the king’s surgeons and all the king’s men couldn’t… But the Tuareg witch sure did a great job.
TITANIUM COLORED ROSE- It’s the matter that runs in the family.
THE MYSTERIOUS HANDWRITING – And it’s not the doctor’s proscription.
SEARCHING FOR THE PERFECT REFLECTION – If you chance to see Alice there, do tell her to come home.
A SURPRISE VISIT AT KONOPISHTE – Destiny finds it way, it’s just that sometimes there is a traffic jam on the the inter-universe highway.
THE GAME – You already know too much about it.
SIXTH AFTER PRIBOI- Clockwork Orange meets the Slavic folklore.


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